CPHR is a global certification for HR leaders and people managers.


          CPHR represents 36,000+ members in the Human Resources Profession across the globe. CPHR is the global voice on the enhancement and promotion of the HR Profession.

          Certified Practitioner in Human Resources

          We are CPHR.






          As the role of the human resource continues to become more critical to accelerating economic growth through business success, and improving the lives of employees, the change aligned CPHR and the member associations to be stronger together. The global association of HR sets Certified Practitioner in Human Resources — as our standard of quality.


          CPHRs are proven to have unique expertise and the experience to meet the challenges of today’s workforce. The standards we have set and the quality we deliver through CPHR is second to none in the world. We have established consistent requirements for certification and continuing professional development and a global Code of Conduct. We are moving together toward self-regulation in a group that aligns with our requirements.

          CPHR Designation



          Certified Practitioner in Human Resources are uniquely qualified to achieve business goals. With proven expertise across key business metrics, every CPHR has the knowledge and the experience to address the factors that underpin the degree of immediate and long-term success.


          CPHRs advance and expand their professional knowledge and practice across these competency areas throughout their careers, offering you the most current, evidence-based practices and technologies.


          These are the key areas that, if left under-attended, become a perpetual struggle. But well-attended, become the platform upon which individuals, teams, and organizations achieve their successes.

          CPHR undertook a two-phased process for brand development. First, we defined our purpose statement and our forecast for the future, which articulated what we were working toward. Once we clearly defined who we are, what we stand for and where we are going, we developed a brand that reflected these truths. In this way, we are ensuring that the image, the tone and the approach we are taking on behalf of our members is consistent with our values and our high, but attainable, standards.


          CPHR proudly and thoughtfully represents the HR profession on the international stage. We are working with our counterparts to identify issues of common concern, share best practices and strengthen the HR profession. The CPHR designation is recognized in the United Kingdom and almost every country around the world through more than 80 accredited member institutions.


          CPHR's ‘Practitioner Code of Ethics and Conduct’ expresses the commitment that CPHR Associations worldwide make to the ethical delivery of human resources practice by their members.

          Global Alliances

          The Certified Practitioner in Human Resources (CPHR) designation is a globally recognized level of achievement within the field of human resources and people management. It reflects a conviction that the professional practice of human resources management can safeguard the interests of employers, employees, and the business community. The designation represents continuing recognition of the bearer’s professionalism.


          The CPHR education, examination and experience requirements are designed to provide candidates opportunities to develop and demonstrate the required CPHR competencies.


          The requirements to become a Chartered Professional in Human Resources are:


          • Membership: Meet the requirements for membership.
          • Knowledge: Demonstrate theoretical knowledge of the CPHR® functional competencies.
          • Education: Demonstrate knowledge of the enabling competencies and the ability to apply functional knowledge, usually through the completion of a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
          • Professional Level Work Experience: Demonstrate professional-level work experience practicing human resources, where the depth of work performed required independence of action, responsibility for outcomes, and influence with decision-makers.
          • Professional Conduct: Commit to adhering to the Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct

          Become a CPHR®

          Some of the

          Leading Businesses with CPHR

          (OLC) PROGRAM


          Intended for HR practitioners and people managers with less than ten (10) years of HR experience in the field of HR, Humanities, Psychology, or Business.



          1. Register and complete the CPHR OLC Assembly
          2. Complete the Certification Assessment
          3. Agree to follow the CPHR Practitioner Code


          Conferred Title: CPHR



          OLC Program now available in the Philippines.
          Limited slots only.


          Next Assembly Date: 17-18 Jun 2022

          Platform: Zoom Business

          Upcoming Licensing Assembly Schedules




          Intended for professionals falling into any of the following:

          • HR practitioners with more than ten (10) years
            of HR experience (5 years of which as an HR Manager)
          • 8+ years of an active international HR license
          • Practicing lawyer
          • Have a Ph.D. in the field of HR, Humanities, Psychology, or Business.



          1. Register and complete the GEA Equivalency:

              * submit necessary equivalency requirements

              * provide authorization for validation

              * complete a short AI-led interview
          2. Agree to follow the CPHR Practitioner Code


          Conferred Title: CSPHR

          Next Deadline: 15 Jun 2022

          CPHR candidates must demonstrate three or more years of professional experience in human resources within the last ten years, as a formal step to the CPHR designation.


          HR practitioners need to demonstrate that they have worked in a position (or positions) that require a cultivated knowledge and a professional level of responsibility in HR for a minimum of three years.


          HR practitioners can work toward the Experience Requirement in any sector of the economy: industry, government, public practice, professional associations, education, healthcare, or not-for-profits — essentially anywhere that has a human resources management function.



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